EcoForm have years of experience assisting with property and commercial developments including Commercial Buildings, Subdivisions, and Tourism Developments. Whatever development you have planned, EcoForm can help meet your Sustainability Energy Efficiency and Bushfire Risk Management goals and obligations. Talk to us today about how we can help.

Tourism Development

More than any other type of development, a tourism development requires a holistic approach to sustainability, energy efficiency and bushfire issues. Balancing location, aesthetics, and the guest experience, with the many regulations can be a challenge. With EcoForm as part of your team, you know that we will make the process is as smooth as possible making sure you have all the reports and information you need.


A subdivision project is a large commitment of both time and funds. Bushfire regulations may affect the feasibility of your project, and energy efficiency regulations may affect the sale price you can get for your lots. EcoForm has the consultants you need to ensure all bushfire and energy efficiency factors are considered from feasibility stage through to the titles being issued.

Commercial Developments

EcoForm have years of experience assisting with commercial developments. Offices, warehouses, multi storey mixed use, change of use, apartment buildings, we have you covered. EcoForm can help your project to comply with Energy Efficiency, Sustainability, and Bushfire requirements quickly and easily.

Energy Efficiency Reports

Energy efficiency reports are essential to prove that your home or commercial building meets national standards. At EcoForm, we model your building using professional energy rating software to provide a comprehensive report.

Bushfire Services

In 2015, State Planning Policy 3.7 was introduced in Western Australia. Under this policy, if your project is within a bushfire-prone area, you must ensure the project addresses the bushfire risk. This risk needs to be addressed at both the development and building application stages. The type of report you need changes based on where the project is, what type of project it is and if you need both development and building approval or just building.

Commercial Energy Efficiency Reports

EcoForm has over 15 years’ experience providing energy efficiency reports to Builders, Architects, Owner Builders and everyone in between. From a small renovation through to a large multi storey commercial development, EcoForm has the experience and capability to provide you with the right advise and cost-effective energy efficiency solutions.

Environmental Services

Does your project aim to go beyond the minimum standards required? That may be for many reasons, including the client requesting a more sustainable building, a council planning condition, to gain approval for a greater lot yield or exceeding the height restrictions of an area.

In-Home Energy Audits

The average Australian home receives an energy efficiency star rating of only 3 out of 10. There may be very simple, cost-effective ways to boost your energy efficiency and make your home more comfortable while reducing heating and cooling costs. Talk to EcoForm today to organise an in-home energy audit and feel the results.

Contact The EcoForm
Team Today

Contact The EcoForm
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When you work with Ecoform, you partner with experts in energy efficiency, sustainability, and bushfire consulting. We are more than consultants; we are part of your team. We guarantee to give you the most up-to-date advice, personal service and competitive pricing. Just as if you had access to in-house energy efficiency specialists.

Discuss Your Project With The
EcoForm Team Today

Discuss Your Project With The EcoForm Team Today

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