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Need help with Energy Efficiency Requirements?

When you work with Green Star Consultants, it's as if you have a consultant on staff. We are always available to give advice and show you how to achieve the best result, for you, your client, your project and your budget.

About Us

Green Star Consultants understand that many architects and builders simply don’t have the time, or resources, to keep on top of constantly evolving energy regulations, which is where Green Star Consultants can help. 

Our objectives are to help building industry professionals (like yourself) comply with increasingly complex energy efficiency regulations, while minimizing the impact on building designs, costs and deadlines.

What makes an Energy Efficient Apartment?

Confused about how different components in an apartment contribute to the overall energy efficiency of your house? Click on the interactive model right to learn about the different components in an energy efficient apartment.

Certified Green Star and Equivalency Assessments

To ensure you are getting the best result, EcoForm BAL assessments are carried out by FPAA accredited consultants.

Multi-Residential Assessment

EcoForm have experience in a large range of residential developments - no matter how big or what materials are being used, we have you covered.

Commercial Energy Efficiency

Let EcoForm assist you with your next commercial project by providing an easy to read, cost effective solution.